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Flood Zones

FEMA defines a “Floodplain” as any land area susceptible to flood water inundation from any source. Floodplains shown on FEMA’s FIRMs are called Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs), which are 1-percent chance Floodplains. The FIRMs determine the flood hazard/risk to your home or business. The areas outside the SFHAs posing a moderate to low flood risk are labeled on FIRMs as Zone “X.” SFHAs posing a high flood risk are labeled on the FIRMs as Zone “A,” “AE,” “AO” or “AH.” SFHAs along the coastal areas posing a high flood risk due to waves are designated on the FIRMs as Zone “VE.” The Study does not include analyses of coastal area flood hazard/risk.  Links to the Study’s 35 FIRMs are provided below, and the Study and Study’s FIRMs are also available at the Department of Public Works’ (DPW) Offices in Hilo at 101 Pauahi Street Ste 7. Office hours are weekdays, excluding holidays 7:45 AM -4:30 PM.  Visit


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